ZendServer Events stopped being logged

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ZendServer Events stopped being logged

Post by shel936 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:30 pm

We purchased Zend Server Professional In December 2017. It has been really cool (and not so cool) to see the Events being monitored. Clearly it is a great way to determine what needs to be changed or fixed. Suddenly, without any known reason, events stopped being logged as of about January 4th. For almost 2 weeks now there is nothing being reported. I noticed yesterday that Event Tracing Mode had been disabled so I figured at some point it must have been turned off.

We re-enabled Event Tracing Mode and restarted Zend Server this morning and still nothing. We've removed filters, changed the date range to All, thresholds are reasonable and all event types are enabled. But still nothing since Jan. 4th.

Any ideas?

Zend Server 8.5 Professional
IBM System i v7r2

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