INSERT into table with CCSID 65535

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INSERT into table with CCSID 65535

Post by gfroehlich » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:38 pm


I'm in the ugly situation that I have write into a table from an old ERP system that uses CCSID 65535. To change the CCSID to a better value like 37 is not an option, because I'm simply not allowed to do that on the productive system.

For reading data I found a solution with casting each character field to a proper CCSID, but I found no workaround for inserting & updating data.

Is there a driver option available to force translation for CCSID 65535 e.g. i5_force_translate like it is available for ODBC and OLEDB "Force Translate=1;"?

All hints from the net I found are already there.
...SetEnv="CCSID=819" SetEnv="LANG=C" ...

DefaultFsCCSID 37

ZS: IBM i 6.2.0
PHP: 5.4.21
OS: IBM i V7R1
WS: Apache 2.0 5770DG1
pdo_ibm: 1.3.3

best regards

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