Zend Server becomes non responsive.

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Re: Zend Server becomes non responsive.

Post by stewartm » Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:03 am

I fear that the problem in our case is that the server is not powerful enough. It's fine running "green screen" jobs, and also Websmart-ILE web processes (RPG programs running web pages), but the more load we put on it with PHP/Javascript etc, it seems to be doing this more.

Just waiting for the company to proceed with an order for a new box, which will hopefully fix the problems we have been having, but meantime trying to tune the processes to try and minimise the timeouts.

Will try increasing the timeout settings as suggested, thanks.
Hi Tony

Did you have any success with getting a new box and did it solve your problem? I'm also receiving the same error messages but I'm on ZS 5.6.
I'm interested in knowing if you found the upgrade to ZS 8.0 caused increased demand on the CPU. We are trying to upgrade to ZS 8 but have experienced problems with the install, Zend are currently investigating. I'm wondering if our box will cope once we do move the ZS 8.0


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Re: Zend Server becomes non responsive.

Post by sikxz8_97rbi2vanvtvk » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:13 pm

Hi Mark,

The upgrade to ZS8 did place increased demands on our 520 iSeries, mostly though this was the ZRay addition, which we had to disable.

Prior to getting our new iSeries we made a decision to move our web site to a hosted solution running on a Linux server, so now it's only our B2B site that is running on the new iSeries, which being mostly Websmart ILE (RPG programs behind the scenes) places far less demand on the system in general as well as on ZS than PHP does.

We have not really had any problems with ZS since the new iSeries was installed, but whether this is due to our running few PHP processes on it or just that we have a clean install of ZS on a faster iSeries I don't know.

ZS is great when it works well, but I think some of the problems that we had were due partly to our old iSeries lacking in power (bottom end of the 5 Series), as well as some configuration problems from the upgrade from the previous iSeries.

Hope this helps in some way, although obviously not running as many PHP processes on ZS right now, it's hard to tell if our problems have been fixed or not.
Tony Payne
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