ImageMagicK Vulnerability Mitigation (CVE-2016–3714)

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ImageMagicK Vulnerability Mitigation (CVE-2016–3714)

Post by MickeyZend » Thu May 26, 2016 1:01 pm

As you may have heard, a severe security vulnerability has been detected in the popular ImageMagick image processing software. While ImageMagick is being used by the Imagick PHP extension shipped with Zend Server, the vulnerability may not affect you, as this extension is not enabled by default.
For anyone using ImageMagic extension in PHP or have it enabled in production, we recommend to follow support KB below, which describes how to test the vulnerability and immune your Zend Server environment against it, if apparent:

For further questions or feedback, please turn to our support at:

Kind Regards,
Mickey Hoter
Zend Server Product Manager

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