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Postby anto7516 on Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:04 am

Hello, I installed ZendServer-8.5.6-php-5.6.28-Windows_x86 on my PC when Windows 7 starts to run automatically Apace Web Server Monitor windows displays the following windows.
Can you help me to understand and solve this.
I have a regular license of Zend Studio 13.5
thanks very much, Antonino
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Re: Cgi/FastCGI

Postby zvika on Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:42 pm

Hello Antonino,
If you have changed any configuration or added PHP extensions / php.ini to Zend Server setup after installation,
try to revert your configuration and restart Apache.

If its a default, clean installation (not on an older version) - you can open a support ticket with reference to this forum post, and attach support tool output archive (from start -> zend- > zend server menu) to your ticket, for offline review.

If this is an installation on unclean machine, where an older Zend Server was once installed, you need to follow a wipe procedure like:
1. remove Zend Server
2. make sure there are no leftover PHP / Zend processes in task manager
3. rename (if you wish to maintain a backup) or delete the Zend directory (if you have MySQL, remove only Zend Server and Apache folders)
4. restart Windows
5. install a fresh copy of Zend Server 8.5.6 or 9.0.1 (PHP 7)
6. initialize from the web ( and use the new installation, report back any initial problem
Zvika Dror
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Re: Cgi/FastCGI

Postby anto7516 on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:55 pm

Hello, the day after writing on the forum, and re-access my computer I have not had the reporting of conflicts and the problem was solved. In the months before I had made a Zend Server 8.0 installation then expired on month trial but I kept active Apache server.
Thanks for the help now Zend Server 8.5.6 is working well.
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