Zend Database query explorer shows params in the wrong order

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Zend Database query explorer shows params in the wrong order

Post by mart9934 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:00 am

Hello Zend support,

I've been trying to use Zend Server as a profiler and so far I find it a great tool. I just want to report that after debugging some Symfony Doctrine 2 queries I found out that the parameters are in the wrong order displayed:

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UPDATE magento.customer_entity SET entity_type_id = '2017-09-18 10:49:53', website_id = '2017-09-05 00:56:15', email = 0, group_id = 3, store_id = 1, created_at = 1, updated_at = 'testemail@email', disable_auto_group_change = 2 WHERE entity_id = 901561

The right order would THIS:
UPDATE magento.customer_entity SET entity_type_id = 1, website_id = 2, email = 'testemail@email', group_id = 1, store_id = 3, created_at = '2017-09-05 00:56:15', updated_at = '2017-09-18 10:49:53', disable_auto_group_change = 0 WHERE entity_id = 901561
As you can see it's not the WHERE part of the query where this happens, but in the UPDATE or INSERT parameters.
The right order is displayed if we install the Doctrine2 plugin from the gallery. There it seems the order is respected.

Is this normal behaviour or something that can be corrected ? Thanks for your feedback

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Re: Zend Database query explorer shows params in the wrong o

Post by MickeyZend » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:11 am


Thanks for trying out Zend Server and for the positive feedback!
...and thanks for reporting, we will fix this bug.
Please don't hesitate to report issues using our support team, in order to get better and quicker response.

Hoping to see you as one of our customers,

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