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Join Zend Server Early Access and get to see what’s cooking!

Postby MickeyZend on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:17 pm

Next Zend Server (2018.1) is about to be released early next year and we’re now finalizing the contents. I’d like to welcome you take a sneak peek and join dozens of other Zend Server users who already test it!
Why should you join? First off, because it supports the latest (to be released) PHP 7.2.
Let’s see what else we have here:
[*]Using Zend Server deployment? We now introduce Selective Deployment - get confidence with your new application version, by running it alongside with the current version in production. Moreover, we enhanced Virtual Hosts support for defining numerous Virtual Hosts that are attached to the same app codebase
• Using Zend Server Data Cache (you should!)? Boost your apps performance with Pulse, by getting insights to optimize your Data Cache usage
• Using Zend Server on MS IIS? You can now use Zend Server deployment on IIS (and now over Windows Server 2016)!
• What about Z-Ray? We added the ability to trigger a trace directly from Z-Ray bar to extend your ability to debug your app
• And much more…. see details and examples here

Interested? Don’t wait too long, one minute registration here.

Looking forward for your feedback!

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