NEW - Z-Ray TriggerEvent plugin

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NEW - Z-Ray TriggerEvent plugin

Post by MickeyZend » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:29 am

Zend Server has powerful APM capabilities. If a request takes too long, a script consumes too much memory or if just an Exception isn’t caught - Zend Server triggers events in such cases and collects detailed information about the environment. When monitoring rules are defined and enabled, Zend Server observes all the requests and stores relevant information when an event is triggered.
Recently we introduced a new Z-Ray plugin: EventTrigger. When installed, Z-Ray creates an ad-hoc event for a specific end-user request. When an event is registered, Zend Server stores the request context which can be analyzed in Zend Server GUI, allowing easier troubleshooting. Moreover, via the Zend Server GUI you can also debug this request with Zend Studio or PHP Storm. Better practice would be to export the debug session to a dedicated test and debugging server.
The EventTrigger plugin implementation is actually very simple:
• it calls zend_monitor_custom_event() – a Zend Server PHP API function that allows to trigger a monitoring event from a PHP script
• It has no UI part, thus isn’t displayed in Z-Ray bar. You should be able to locate the event in the Zend Server Events tab

The source code of the plugin is available here:

The plugin is available in the Zend Server Gallery.

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