Problem installing Zend Server on Windows XP SP2

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Problem installing Zend Server on Windows XP SP2

Post by ravish_kumar » Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:17 am

I friends,
I am Ravish Tiwari from India.
I downloaded Zend Server 4 beta 3 days ago, I was installing it on my PC, when the installation was about to finish, there was a power failure. when I restarted my pc zend was installed but was not working, so I uninstalled it. after uninstall, when I tried to re-install it, its throwing and error say some error no and "unable to load zwas.dll" and aborting the installation.

please tell me how to make my system work??

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Problem installing Zend Server on Windows XP SP2

Post by zend_amit » Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:38 pm

Hi there :)
It seems that the power failure you've encountered during the installation left some "Zend Server business" undone which is now casing the un-install process to get stuck as well.
However, it should be quite simple to resolve.
First, I recommend you run the installation again after (to be on the safe side, re-download the ZS installation pack) .
If the installation is suggesting 5 options (repair, modify, remove) it means that the product is already installed on your machine (and was not successfully removed). in that ase, un-install it again, re-boot and install again - that should solve it.
If on the other hand, the installation suggest you to install, it means that the system doesn't recognize the product is installed on your system and all that is left to do is to re-run the installation.

Let me know if that works,


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