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Zend Studio 13.6 released

Post by kaloyan_r » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:25 pm

Rogue Wave is pleased to announce the Zend Studio 13.6 release!

Noteworthy changes:
  • PHP 7.1:
    • Nullable types
    • Void return type
    • Iterable pseudo-type
    • Class constant visibility modifer
    • Catching multiple exception types
    • Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment
    • Allow specifying keys in list()
    • Default PHP interpreter changed to PHP 7.1
    • PHP 7.1 Built-in executables with Zend Debugger
  • PHP performance:
    • The speed of semantic analysis checks are improved by another 30%
  • Improved Composer support:
    • Wizard for creating new PHP project from existing Composer package on Packagist
    • Renovated Composer editor
    • Composer editor now embeds JSON editor with intellisense features
  • Renovated JavaScript support:
    • New ES6 capable JS Parser
    • Bower and NPM integration
    • Grunt and Gulp integration
    • Chromium V8 debugger
    • New Node.js support
  • Support for HiDPI displays
    • Automatic scaling of the GUI according to the DPI settings of the OS
    • Best experience achieved at 200% DPI scaling
  • Other improvements and fixes:
Discontinued features:
  • The mobile application development support is discontinued.
  • ZF1 support is partially discontinued due to ZF1 end-of-life. Wizards for new ZF1 projects are removed. The IDE is still useful for existing ZF1 projects.
  • The FontSize extra features is discontinued in favor of the built-in shortcuts to zoom in text editors.
The complete release notes are available here:
http://www.zend.com/studio/zend-studio- ... -notes.txt

You can download this release from:

Alternatively, you can update your existing Zend Studio by invoking Help > Check for Updates from the main menu.

Note. Some user may not get the automatic update, even when invoking Help > Check for Updates. If this is your case, then follow these steps:
  1. Open the Window > Preferences from the main menu
  2. Go to the Install/Update > Available Software Sites preference page
  3. Add one of the below update sites, depending on your OS:
  4. Click the OK button to confirm the changes
  5. Invoke Help > Check for Updates from the main menu
Warning! Update from Zend Studio 12.5.x or older versions is not supported on Mac OS X. New installation of Zend Studio is required. If an update is attempted, this will corrupt the Zend Studio installation.

To share bug reports and any other feedback, please email us at studio-feedback@zend.com or use the Zend Forums.

Release change log:
  • ZSTD-5730 Profile as CLI does not work
  • ZSTD-5729 Profiling does not work on server 9
  • ZSTD-5728 ZF2 project is not fully considered composer project
  • ZSTD-5727 Strange menu label when Apigility project selected
  • ZSTD-5726 Moving a file by d'n'd cased apigility error
  • ZSTD-5725 Change supported OSX versions
  • ZSTD-5723 Group type wizards in 'New' menu
  • ZSTD-5722 Adopt Eclipse 4.6.3 Neon.3
  • ZSTD-5721 Composer editor error after upgrade
  • ZSTD-5720 Update EULA with latest Rogue Wave EULA
  • ZSTD-5718 [PHP7.1]No CA for variables defined in list()
  • ZSTD-5716 Unhandled event loop exceptions when creating apigility project on MAC
  • ZSTD-5715 Errors creating apigility project
  • ZSTD-5713 "Undefined variables" when square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment is used
  • ZSTD-5710 New project will not show in Project explorer until refresh
  • ZSTD-5709 Creation of ZF project throws error in the log
  • ZSTD-5708 Using -eclipse.password in ZendStudio.ini causes the password file to be opened in Studio
  • ZSTD-5707 Bower init is created above language library and include path
  • ZSTD-5706 Fix MAC installation screen
  • ZSTD-5705 Composer error on Linux
  • ZSTD-5704 Project Explorer misses PHP options in context menu
  • ZSTD-5703 Update site points to 14_0
  • ZSTD-5702 Change version number from 14 to 13.6
  • ZSTD-5701 Adopt Eclipse 4.6.2 Neon.2
  • ZSTD-5697 Linux 32-bit still listed as a supported OS
  • ZSTD-5696 Apigility project breaks after composer update
  • ZSTD-5690 Zend Module wizard is broken
  • ZSTD-5682 [Mac] Apigility editor opens with error - cannot run program ".../bin/java", permission denied.
  • ZSTD-5669 Still can create ZF1 project using the new php project wizard.
  • ZSTD-5668 "Decoration calculation" errors when installing CVS, decorations not displaying
  • ZSTD-5667 [Regression] Creating project from remote server wizard has one next button which leads to nowhere.
  • ZSTD-5666 Remove Code Gallery page from Documentation
  • ZSTD-5663 No defined php executable error on Mac
  • ZSTD-5662 Studio doesn't find binaries on fedora 24, failed loading libpng12.so.0
  • ZSTD-5661 When catching multiple exception types only the 1st one is checked from SA
  • ZSTD-5660 Improve JavaScript tooling
  • ZSTD-5659 Remove library page from 'new' project wizards
  • ZSTD-5657 Reduce ZF1 support
  • ZSTD-5653 Discontinue the Font Size extra feature
  • ZSTD-5651 32bit Studio fails to launch (cannot find JRE)
  • ZSTD-5649 [PHP7.1] Catching Multiple Exception Types
  • ZSTD-5648 [PHP7.1] Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment
  • ZSTD-5647 [PHP7.1] Class Constant Visibility
  • ZSTD-5646 [PHP7.1] Nullable Types
  • ZSTD-5645 [PHP7.1] Void Return Type
  • ZSTD-5644 [PHP7.1] Iterable type
  • ZSTD-5643 [PHP7.1] Allow specifying keys in list()
  • ZSTD-5642 PHP 7.1 support
  • ZSTD-5640 IBM i Zend Studio license request link
  • ZSTD-5639 Update JRE as part of the Zend Studio update
  • ZSTD-5629 PHP Warnings in console view when use composer.
  • ZSTD-5628 Broken welcome page of studio 14 on Windows
  • ZSTD-5627 Remove "Toggle Word Wrap" from editor context menu
  • ZSTD-5626 Improve full semantic analysis speed
  • ZSTD-5618 [Mac] Empty Zend Framework 1 library on ZF1 / ZF Example project creation / added to include path in a project.
  • ZSTD-5609 Sort classes with the same name with namespace also
  • ZSTD-5607 Discontinue Cloud Connected Mobile Tools
  • ZSTD-5605 Adopt Eclipse 4.6 Neon
  • ZSTD-5595 Multiplied results in CA
  • ZSTD-5480 [Forum] impossible to add composer packages wizard with added repo
  • ZSTD-5434 Firefox 43 disabled Zend Studio Toolbar
  • ZSTD-5427 Provide one JSON library for all plugins
  • ZSTD-5382 Strange CA proposals at the end of file.
  • ZSTD-4813 Create New Project with Composer - Simple Case
  • ZSTD-4781 Cannot install dependencies with bower
  • ZSTD-4658 [Regression]Composer crashes with an error when creating Symfony project
  • ZSTD-4545 Composer Project wizard crashes the Studio
  • ZSTD-4419 [Feedback] Support for PSR-4
  • ZSTD-4336 [Feedback] JSON editor
  • ZSTD-4086 Zend Studio is not supporting Hi-DPI display.
  • ZSTD-1554 Add an option to enable word wrap globally
  • ZSTD-277 "Add unimplemented methods" generates the comments with 1st line shifted left.
  • ZSTD-222 [regression] Ctrl+Click (Go to Source) does not work for View helper methods
  • ZSTD-47 Perform a Debug for a web page through IE/Firefox, then debug a local php file - Adding a breakpoint throws a NPE in a dialog.
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Re: Zend Studio 13.6 released

Post by kaloyan_r » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:33 pm

Rogue Wave is pleased to announce the Zend Studio 13.6.1 maintenance release!

Release change log:
  • ZSTD-5746 Trace failure isn't helpful to track unit test problem
  • ZSTD-5745 Composer deleting repository when opened
  • ZSTD-5744 ZendStudio error during remote cli debug
  • ZSTD-5742 PHPUnit Debug Configurations don't work Zend Studio 13.6
  • ZSTD-5741 Zend Studio 13.6 continuously modifying .gitignore with /vendor/
  • ZSTD-5740 Bower documentation is outdated
  • ZSTD-5739 [Regression] Copy paste in editor cuts space
  • ZSTD-5733 [Regression] Missing RSE icons
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