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Post by gray-venom » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:44 pm

Hello! I have a problem. I just started to learn Zend Framework 1 and created a project using the "Getting Started". But I have to know how to use Firebird instead of MySQl.
In application.ini added

Code: Select all

resources.db.adapter = Firebird
resources.db.params.dbname = "/var/www/zf2-tutorial/firebird/ZF2TUTORIAL.FDB"
resources.db.params.host = ""
resources.db.params.username = sysdba
resources.db.params.password = masterkey
resources.db.params.adapterNamespace = "ZendX_Db_Adapter"
but it has no effect - show application error.
Tell me, please, what I need to change in the project?
Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for my english!

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