symlinks to document root on the iSeries

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symlinks to document root on the iSeries

Post by rodn8274 » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:58 pm

I'm using a deployment strategy for our php web apps that creates symlinks from a directory called "current" to the document root designated in the apache vhost file. I have an automated script that does the deployment and creates the symlink. The deployment and creating the symlink works as expected. The issue is that the apache server(ibmhttpd) server is not recognizing or seeing the new symlink. It only updates after the apache server is restarted. It looks like the ibmhttpd server is caching the old link. I have other deployments set up this way on linux servers and it works perfectly. I can't issue an apache graceful restart because they are not supported on iSeries.

My questions are:
Has anyone else run into this issue? If so how did you solve it
Is there a way to reduce/turn off caching on apache so that it will always honor new symlinks
Is there a switch or flag I can pass to the symlink (my deployment script is a CL and that is where the link is created) that will enable it to be read dynamically
A different/better way to deploy to the iSeries

We are running Zend Server 8.0.2 for the ibmi

At this time we can't use the deployment features of zend server due to the strict change management rules that apply to industry I work in

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