MYSQL and Zend Server

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MYSQL and Zend Server

Post by dalejanus » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:08 pm

We have been using zend core and mysql on our new power 7 on os400 v6r1.

We installed zend server. Then we went to the new menu and took #6, MYSQL. It asked to install, we said yes, then it came back and said it was already installed, which we expected. But the stop and start Daemon commands do not work.

We discovered we have 3 versions of mysql installed. 5.0.45, 5.1.34 and the one we are using 5.1.39.

The first is under (root) /user/local

The others are under qopensys/user/local.

How can we remove the unused ones and not mess up the one we are using? Will the zend menu commands then start to work?


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Re: MYSQL and Zend Server

Post by timclark2000 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:32 pm

Hi Dale,

If it is a reasonably recent build of Zend Server you are using, the version of MySQL that it attempted to install is 5.1.50. The MySQL management commands from the Zend menu only work on the installation of MySQL that Zend loads. You can't use the controls on a manually installed version of MySQL. So, to answer your questions in reverse order, you will not be able to use the Zend menu commands unless you use the Zend menus to install MySQL 5.1.50.

Since you mentioned wanting to keep using 5.1.39 of MySQL, you can clean up the older versions by doing the following:
With MySQL 5.1.39 running, execute the following two commands from your favorite MySQL client.
select @@datadir;
select @@basedir;
The two directory paths that show up there are the two paths you do NOT want to delete. And it probably wouldn't hurt to back up these directories just in case something happens during clean-up.

Once you've determined what you don't want to delete, cleaning up is simply a matter of eliminating the remaining MySQL directories. I'm going to guess that the following directories are the ones you want to clean up.

Hope that helps,

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