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Reporting Performance Issues in Zend Studio

Post by rbzend » Wed May 23, 2012 6:16 pm

In any software product performance issues are usually the most challenging problems. The main reason is that such issues rarely have a clear pattern or a reproduction scenario; on the other hand, they are not regular errors that can be easily tracked in the log. Therefore, troubleshooting performance issues requires special approach. Here we summarized common ways to obtain information that will be instrumental in diagnosing a performance issue.

Whenever you experience performance issues in Zend Studio, such as:
  • 100% CPU usage constantly for a long time,
  • user interface freezing and being unresponsive,
  • any workspace operation that hangs for a long time in progress bar,
follow the steps below to produce Java heap dump at the moment when the problem occurs. Attaching this dump to your report will significantly help us to investigate your case and to provide a fix as soon as possible.

1. Use JMAP. It is included in Java Development Kit (JDK). If you have <JDK>/bin added to your path, it should be enough to execute:

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jmap -dump:live,file=<dump_name>.hprof,format=b <Zend_Studio_pid>
On Windows:

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"%JAVA_HOME%/bin/jmap.exe" -dump:format=b,file=<dump_name>.hprof <Zend_Studio_pid>
It is recommended to repeat this operation in a minute and to save the result to another file.

2. Another useful information is thread dump. Thread dump can be obtained with JSTACK. To use this tool JDK is also needed (see point 1). During the Zend Studio freeze you need to execute the following command in a command terminal:

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jstack -l <pid> > dump.txt
<pid> is the process id of Zend Studio.

This command will record the thread dump in a file with name dump.txt. If you can, take several thread dumps, each in a different file, during the freeze. Then attach the dump files here in the forum.

3. When reporting a problem please remember to include the following information:
  • Steps to reproduce.
  • Example file that is causing problem (if possible).
  • What was the CPU usage? Constantly high at 100% or idle?
  • Was the memory usage growing?
  • Attach the ZIP archive generated by Help | Support Tool

Thank you for your cooperation!

Zend Studio Team