HttpRequest error

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HttpRequest error

Post by vlad3046 » Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:15 am

Good day! I have installed trial Zend Studio and can't perform HttpRequest using standart tools. I write this:

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$r = new HttpRequest('*ttp: / / ****** / method / users.get?user_ids=' + $x + '&fields=sex,bdate,city,country,domain,has_mobile,contacts,connections,site,education,universities,schools,can_post,can_see_all_posts,can_see_audio,can_write_private_message,status,last_seen', HttpRequest::METH_GET);
	$response = $r->send();
	echo "<pre>";
	echo $response->getResponseCode();
	echo $response->getResponseStatus();
	echo "</pre>";
And result is:
array(0) {
404Not Found

This request performs in browser , is there posibility that my problem in my Zend settings ? If so, what I can do?

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Re: HttpRequest error

Post by kaloyan_r » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:38 am

Moving to the PHP Programming forum as this seems to be a generic PHP question.

My guess is that you are doing the string concatenation incorrectly in the HttpRequest constructor. In PHP there is a special operator (.) for string concatenation that should be used instead of the arithmetic operator for addition (+).

Check this section in the PHP Manual:
Kaloyan Raev
Zend Studio Team

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