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Debugger does not fire on certain pages

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:11 pm
by sidewinds
I'm having a strange problem with the debugger in Zend Studio 10.6.2. It also happened in 10.6.1. The problem is When debugging certain pages, the debugger never breaks on the first line or even a break point of my program. I have noticed this behavior on several programs now. Currently a program I am working on the debugger works fine on the first 2 pages,The first just displays a form, the 2nd is a page where a submit button is pressed, options are gathered from dropdowns and rows of results (hyperlinks) are returned. But when clicking the hyperlink, the program just runs, it never breaks, even though the 'break at first line' option is set. If I click this hyperlink, it takes me to a further subset of results (more hyperlinks). It does not fire on this page either.
If I debug this program on my bosses PC (same OS, same software, same config) the debugger works as it should. Breaks on the first line anytime the program is run.. I have completely uninstalled Zend Studio and re installed it, and deleted all related folders, Same results. Very frustrating.
We have compared our debug settings, they all appear to be the same.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?