Studio overwriting newer files

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Studio overwriting newer files

Post by deathcomp » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:57 pm

We have two users who have zend studio that connects to our as400 using ssh. It appears that sometimes studio will overwrite a file on the remote system with an older copy of the local one. I know at least once time I saw a warning saying I was about to do this and asked if I wanted to proceed. That works, but it looks like it's doing it without us even being in the file.

Here's an example.
I am working on a file called test.php. I save it which uploads it to the remote system.
Joe downloads it to his studio and adds a line. He then saves it which uploads it to the system.

Without either of us opening that file again, the file somehow loses his changes. My guess is that my studio uploaded my local copy again which didn't include his change. But I didn't open and save it (which would prompt me saying my version is different), it just did it on it's own.

On the as400 we can tell when the file was last modified, but there is no way to know who modified it so we can't be certain how it's happening.

Anyone else see this? Any thoughts as to how to prevent it?

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