Complete set of ZEND 5250 Bridge API's

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Complete set of ZEND 5250 Bridge API's

Post by adish » Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:38 am

I am working on 5250 Bridge demo using the API's mentioned at the URL - ... ge_api.htm.

Few of my questions are :-
1. Is this the complete set of API's that 5250 Bridge "Licenced version" provides as a part of ZEND PLATFORM ?
2. As mentioned in 5250 API's ZEND_5250 class uses "ZEND_5250_Exception" class for error handling, so what are all the API's available to handle errors relating to "Message Subfile" ?
3. For web enabeling legacy IBM i applications using 5250 Bridge, do i need to install only ZEND PLATFORM or ZEND CORE or BOTH ?
4. As i have read somewhere, F3(Exit) and F5(refresh) functions keys are not supported by IE 7.0 and by some Mozrilla versions,
then how we substite their functionality inrelation to green-screen application?


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Re: Complete set of ZEND 5250 Bridge API's

Post by adelgadodotorg » Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:14 pm

3. You can think of Platform as a product for Core. You will need both Core and Platform to use the 5250 Bridge.
4. That would be a client-side JavaScript issue. Are you planning on displaying the 5250 screens unaltered? If you build an interface around the 5250 calls you can have an interface element that submits an F3 to the bridge. For a function like refresh you could ask your users for an interval and automatically submit an F5 for them in that interval.

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Re: Complete set of ZEND 5250 Bridge API's

Post by mooseisacan » Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:21 pm

In reply to the F3 and F5 keys in IE

I found that if you are using the functionKeyListener.js provided in the bridge, it uses the function dojo.stopEvent(event); whenever an F-key is pressed. This alone does not prevent the F3=Search and F5=Refresh from happening. You also need to erase the F-key from the event. Add the statement: window.event.keyCode = 0. Now the F3, F4, and F5 keys will not execute the IE functions.

To stop the F1-help key, insert the following javascript:

function returnFalse() {return false;}
document.onhelp = returnFalse;

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