Unicode Update Problem

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Unicode Update Problem

Post by paul5383 » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:08 pm

I am using the latest Zend Server downloaded this week, running as ZENDSVR6 on V7.2 of the OS. I have tables with fields defined as GRAPHIC CCSID(13488), (ie Unicode) and these table are not being updated. In the old Easycom days (i5_connect etc) these updated without any problems, but the db2_* functions are not writing anything to the db if non-English characters are there, in this case Chinese. When trying to update I get:

"Mixed data or UTF-8 data not properly formed. SQLCODE=-191"

I'm using the following method for the Inserts:

$conn = db2_connect($dbname, $user, $pwd, array('i5_naming' => $namingMode,
'i5_libl' => $liblist)
$sql = 'INSERT INTO MYFILE (field1, field2......) VALUES (?,? ......)
$parms = array($field1, $field2 .......)
$stmt = db2_prepare($conn, $sql);
$result = db2_execute($stmt, $parms);

The data is fine, I write the string to an error log and the Chinese characters are written without problems (e.g 上海市浦 is copied from the log but cannot be written to the db). However, it writes correctly using i5_comd on another system.

After various Google searches, I'm fairly sure that my set up is OK - I have DefaultFsCCSID 37, CGIJobCCSID 37 in httpd.conf, and fastcgi.conf contains SetEnv="CCSID=1208" SetEnv="LANG=C".

Any help would be appreciated.



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