System i - Could not initialize Zend Data Cache

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System i - Could not initialize Zend Data Cache

Post by shlomov » Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:36 am

Please check the following:
Make sure all required IBM PTF's installed, follow these instructions to change the IBM i server fastcgi conf file.

From an i5 command line:
CALL QP2TERM -> from the shell command execute the command 'env' look for the value LANG=xx_XX copy the language value 'xx_XX' F12 exit the terminal shell.

WRKLNK '/www/zendsvr/conf' select option 5 and get into the directory.
Find the fastcgi.conf and use option 2=Edit Change the value in the directive:
SetEnv="LANG=en_US" to the value copied from the i5 shell in previous step.

At the same time, remove any additional entries on the same directive line entry as: SetEnv="INSTALLATION_UID=20100610145737079472"

The error occur when a directory path is added during installation and corrupts the fastcgi.conf file.

; Static PHP servers for default user
Server type="application/x-httpd-php" CommandLine="/usr/local/ZendSvr/bin/php-cgi.bin" StartProcesses="1" SetEnv="LIBPATH=/usr/local/ZendSvr/lib" SetEnv="PHPRC=/usr/local/ZendSvr/etc/" SetEnv="PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=5" SetEnv="PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS=0" ConnectionTimeout="30" RequestTimeout="60" SetEnv="CCSID=819" SetEnv="LANG=en_US" SetEnv="INSTALLATION_UID=20100610145737079472"

; Where to place socket files
IpcDir /www/zendsvr/logs
Shlomo Vanunu
IBM System i

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