Can timeout of call to a stored procedure be set/overriden

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Can timeout of call to a stored procedure be set/overriden

Post by bill3496 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:31 pm

Our applications call back to stored procedures on the production AS400 occasionally times out. The stored procedure answers an inquiry and returns data to be displayed. The call is made in by javascript Ajax. Sometimes the http_request.status is 408, indicating a timeout occurred. The 408 is returned after 60 seconds. "default_socket_timeout" and "max_execution_time" in php.ini are set to 60.

I have tried to override these two php.ini values to 120 with ini_set() in the php script called by'GET',url,true). I have checked to set that the values were changed with ini_get. If an http_request.status of 408 is returned it still is in 60 seconds.

I am assuming the timeout is caused by the stored procedure failing to complete within 60 seconds. I could be wrong about that.

How can the timeout of the stored procedure be controlled? I want to give it 120 seconds before the 408 error is called.

I would appreciate your help and insights.

We are running Zend Server for IBM I 8.6.0.

Thank you

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Re: Can timeout of call to a stored procedure be set/overrid

Post by zend_eyalt » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:22 am

Hi there,

You should also change apache FastCGI settings, and increase ConnectionTimeout & RequestTimeout in your fastcgi.conf file (on ZS 8.x would usually be found at /www/zendsvr6/conf/fastcgi.conf ).

More info about this configuration file can be found here: ... essing.htm

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